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Sify leverages Aquila Clouds FinOps on its Cloudinfinit Platform

SAN RAMON, Calif., Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sify Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: SIFY), India’s leading Digital ICT solutions provider with global service capabilities spanning Data Center, Cloud, Networks, Security and Digital services, and Aquila Clouds, a leader in cloud financial management solutions, today announced a strategic partnership that has added FinOps capabilities to Sify’s industry-leading cloud management platform, Cloudinfinit.

Today’s announcement marks the availability of Cloudinfinit FinOps, powered by Aquila Clouds. This technology-leading FinOps platform provides cloud asset management, performance, and cost trend analysis, cloud cost optimization and automation, budget control, chargeback, security and compliance management, and more. This FinOps addition to Cloudinfinit now enables cloud operators and finance managers to run lean, optimized, and secure cloud operations.

“We see a huge win-win situation for Sify and Aquila Clouds in this partnership,” said Jitender Durairajan, Head of Cloud Engineering and Solutions at Sify Technology. “Using Aquila Clouds to power Sify’s Cloudinfinit FinOps capabilities significantly shortens our time-to-market and creates immediate value for our customers who increasingly need a decipherable pattern to their cloud financials.”

Besides FinOps, Aquila Clouds also powers Sify’s billing operations with its BillOps platform. Aquila Clouds BillOps streamlines and automates billing operations, providing capabilities to customize pricing rules that perfectly fit Sify’s’ business model.

“We are delighted that Aquila Clouds FinOps solution has been included to power Sify’s Cloudinfinit FinOps offering,” said Desmond Chan, co-founder, and CPO at Aquila Clouds. “Being chosen by such a strong Enterprise Cloud Solutions Provider is a great testament to the strength of our solution. We look forward to creating great success for both companies in the near future.”

About Sify Technologies

A Fortune India 500 company, Sify Technologies is India’s most comprehensive ICT service & solution provider. With Cloud at the core of our solutions portfolio, Sify is focussed on the changing ICT requirements of the emerging Digital economy and the resultant demands from large, mid, and small-sized businesses.

Sify’s infrastructure comprising 11 state-of-the-art Data Centers, the largest MPLS network, partnership with global technology majors, and deep expertise in business transformation solutions modeled on the cloud, make it the first choice of start-ups, SMEs, and even large Enterprises on the verge of a revamp.

Internationally, Sify has a presence across North America, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Sify,, Sify Technologies, and are registered trademarks of Sify Technologies Limited.

About Aquila Clouds

Aquila Clouds is a cloud financial management solution that enables managed service providers, cloud resellers, and enterprises to manage billing and optimize cloud costs and performance. We help organizations that are invested in public clouds to monitor and optimize their cloud deployments and automate their billing operations. Our FinOps and BillOps solutions apply data analytics and AI/ML techniques to achieve continuous monitoring and continuous optimization that has delivered over 20% in cloud cost savings and reduced billing operation time by as much as 82%.

Source: PR Newswire

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