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Aquila Clouds Expands to Thailand with MFEC

SAN RAMON, Calif., Nov. 2, 2022 — Aquila Clouds, a leader in Cloud Financial Management Solutions, today announced that it has expanded to Thailand with a partnership with MFEC Public Company Limited (MFEC). MFEC is a leading provider of cloud platform services in Thailand, with reach to enterprise customers in various verticals such as financial services, food delivery application, etc.

MFEC has made available a FinOps platform, powered by Aquila Clouds, to their enterprise customers, aiming to help customers manage their cloud expenses more effectively. This technology-leading FinOps platform provides budget control and chargeback for enterprise cost centers, cloud asset management, performance and cost trend analysis, cloud cost optimization and automation, security and compliance management and more.

With Aquila Clouds FinOps platform, MFEC is now able to automate the generation of cloud financial reports and recommendations to enable their customers to run lean, optimized and secure cloud operations. “MFEC strives to provide the best quality cloud services to our enterprise customers and to enhance the quality of digital financial services that can more effectively serve its ecosystem”, said Direk Yimlamai, Head of Cloud at MFEC. “With Aquila Clouds, our team has automated and significantly streamlined our monthly reporting processes with our customers. Our customers can even access the FinOps platform themselves to obtain real-time insights about their cloud financials.”

With this partnership, the two companies aim to enable MFEC’s customers to enjoy the flexibility of multiple clouds without requiring an army of cloud analysts to manage and optimize their cloud deployments. “Our Cloud Financial Management Platform has proven to be a leader in the global market, including South East Asia,” said Desmond Chan, co-founder and CPO at Aquila Clouds.

“Our platform automates all aspects of cloud financial management, simplifying the jobs of cloud analysts and providing more accurate insights and recommendations.”

About MFEC

MFEC is a Thailand’s listed leading Tech company. We were founded in 1997 as a System Integrator focusing on IT Infrastructure. In addition to providing IT consultancy, complex IT solution development, IT-enabled services, and IT infrastructure enablement to top tier clients across many business sectors, we have expanded into the venture building business to drive innovation via our proven partnership approach.

We believe in people excellence, and provide solid employee development and entrepreneurship to all of our employees. This enables us to more effectively pursue our goal to become a trusted partner via our innovation and service excellence.

About Aquila Clouds

Aquila Clouds is a cloud financial management solution that enables managed service providers, cloud resellers, and enterprises to manage billing and optimize cloud costs and performance. We help organizations that are invested in public clouds to monitor and optimize their cloud deployments and automate their billing operations. Our FinOps and BillOps solutions apply data analytics and AI/ML techniques to achieve continuous monitoring and continuous optimization that has delivered over 20% in cloud cost savings and reduced billing operation time by as much as 82%.

Source: PR Newswire

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