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Is Your Cloud a Money Pit? Unleash the Eagle Eye with Aquila Clouds

The cloud revolutionized IT. Scalability, speed, and global reach – it’s a dream come true.  But for many enterprises, the dream turns into a nightmare when the cloud bill arrives.  Here’s the shocker:


  • 60% of enterprises report exceeding their cloud budgets.
  • Unused resources like idle VMs can drain millions.
  • Fragmented cloud bills across providers make cost control a black box.

Why is this happening to you, the savvy enterprise leader?

The cloud’s flexibility is a double-edged sword.  While deploying resources on-demand is fantastic, it’s easy to lose track.  Here’s how your specific cloud usage might be leading to overspend:


  • Development/Test Environments: Spinning up entire environments for short bursts? Those costs linger if not shut down properly.
  • Data Analytics Workloads: Spiky workloads for data analysis can lead to over-provisioned resources you only use occasionally.
  • Multi-Cloud Strategies: Juggling multiple cloud providers for the best deals? Managing disparate bills and cost models can be a recipe for chaos.

Aquila Clouds is your secret weapon against cloud cost chaos.  We’re a cloud financial management platform built for enterprises.  We understand your complex cloud usage patterns and provide the tools to conquer them:


  • See the Bigger Cloud Picture: Consolidate cloud bills from every provider, offering a unified view of your entire cloud spend across on-premises and public cloud environments.
  • Drill Down to Departmental Usage: Identify cost drivers at a granular level, empowering informed decision-making within each department.
  • Optimize for Your Specific Use Case: Whether you’re data-driven, latency-sensitive, or security-focused, Aquila helps you leverage the right cloud solutions for optimal cost-performance.
  • Predict & Prevent Cost Shocks: Our AI-powered platform forecasts future usage and identifies potential overspending before it happens.

By leveraging our platform, you'll gain the insights needed to:

  • Negotiate Better Cloud Service Agreements: Armed with data, you can negotiate more favorable rates with cloud providers.
  • Rightsize Resources Based on Usage: Avoid overprovisioning and scale resources dynamically to optimize cost based on real-time needs.
  • Invest in Strategic Cloud Initiatives: Free up resources by eliminating wasteful spending, allowing you to invest in cloud-based innovation and differentiation.

Stop fighting cloud bill battles.  Embrace the power of Aquila Clouds.  Schedule a free consultation and unlock the true cost-saving potential of your cloud investments.

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