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End-to-end automated cloud billing solution for managing cloud-related expenses.

Usage-Based BillingAutomates Your Billing ProcessStreamlines Complex BillingSaves You Time and MoneyProvides Billing ClarityReduces Billing Errors


Usage-based Billing

Bill for actual consumption at the desired level of detail.

Multi-Cloud Support

Manage billing across multiple cloud providers from a single platform.

Automated Invoice Generation

Eliminate manual invoice creation and reduce errors.

Flexible Product Catalog

Create and manage complex billing structures with ease.

Customizable Pricing Rules

Set up unique pricing models, discounts, and promotions.

Detailed Billing Analytics

Understand usage trends, streamline invoicing, and maximize profitability.

BillOps Dashboard

Your central hub for customer management, billing transparency, and data-driven insights.

Manage Customers

Streamlines customer onboarding with new billing setup, contact management, and purchase order tracking features.

Manage Users

You can add or manage users with the BillOps User role to define rates, manage adjustments, generate invoices, and approve bills.

Managing Settings for Billing

You can manage settings within BillOps to control default billing cycles, currencies, and margins for your organization and cloud services (AWS, Azure, Azure Stack, and others).

Managing Rate cards

Rate Cards display all rates applied to a customer. Edit or delete these cards to customize pricing. Customers may have multiple Rate Cards for different rate combinations.

Cloud Billing Details of Customers

Quickly view overall billing, customer bill statuses, billing cycle details, alerts, and access/download invoices for convenient management.

Viewing Bill Analytics for a Customer

View comprehensive bill analytics for all customers, including purchase orders, bill status, historical data, top customers, and individual details.

Modern Metering and Billing Platform

SaaS, technology, and any company with usage-based pricing can streamline and automate their entire billing process

Aquila Clouds BillOps empowers you to create flexible usage-based pricing plans. Build tailored quotes, meter usage seamlessly, and automate invoicing and billing processes for rapid growth.
Aquila Clouds BillOps seamlessly tracks diverse usage metrics across generative AI, infrastructure, and SaaS. Monitor costs with real-time dashboards, gain customer insights, and ensure your revenue model is sustainable.
Say goodbye to billing headaches and focus on innovation. Start with flexible pricing options, manage complex billing scenarios effortlessly, and accurately align usage with pricing. Launch quickly with our built-in billing portal and intuitive interface.

Supercharge your Cloud Businesses

By integrating BillOps with FinOps, Aquila Cloud solves the problem of inconsistent pricing and disjointed workflows for MSPs, Resellers, and other specialized cloud providers.

The Problem MSPs or Cloud Resellers Face

Pricing Disparity

MSPs or Cloud Resellers have to manually adjust prices when they send cloud bills to their clients. This leads to a mismatch between what the client expects to pay and what is reflected in FinOps dashboards.

Lack of Integration

Cloud billing (BillOps) and optimization tools (FinOps) often work separately, causing inefficiencies for the MSP and confusion for the end client.

Limited Visibility

Without a unified view of cloud costs and client markup, it's difficult for MSPs to accurately analyze their profitability and make informed pricing decisions.

Aquila Clouds Solution

Unified Pricing

By integrating BillOps with FinOps, Aquila Cloud ensures that the MSP's markup is consistently applied across both the final invoice and the optimization insights in the FinOps dashboard.

Streamlined Workflow

MSPs or Cloud Resellers don't need to manually reconcile pricing between their billing and cost optimization tools. This saves time and reduces errors.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Clients see a consistent price (the cost they expect from their cloud provider + markup) everywhere, leading to greater transparency and trust.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can confidently manage multiple client accounts and optimize billing processes through centralized cloud solutions.

Cloud resellers can streamline billing and maximize client management with tailored solutions.

Alternative public cloud vendors can simplify billing with Aquila Clouds BillOps, automating data ingestion, rate card matching, and accurate bill generation.

Ideal for Enterprise Billing Perfect for managing complex enterprise cloud billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Alternative cloud providers who utilize virtualization technologies such as VMware or RedHat OpenStack can leverage Aquila Clouds BillOps for usage-based metering and billing. See here for more details.
  • GPU cloud vendors can use Aquila Clouds BillOps for usage-based metering and billing.
  • AI SaaS vendors can benefit from Aquila Clouds BillOps for usage-based metering and billing aligned with their specific usage metrics.
  • Telecom companies (MVNOs) can integrate Aquila Clouds BillOps for their usage-based metering and billing within their core network.

We can ingest data from any cloud vendor (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, etc.) or cloud distributors (Crayon, Ingram Micro, Pax8, etc.). We are not limited to just a subset of data sources. Our data collector supports Open Telemetry and is extensible to various data sources. Please contact us for more information.

We have seen users dramatically reduce their invoicing generation time from days to virtually no time per bill.
Yes, we offer both individual and bundled sales options for BillOps and FinOps.

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