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Cloud Cost Optimization

Feeling like your cloud bill lives in a perpetual state of "surprises"?

You’re not alone. Many businesses find themselves drowning in a sea of cloud invoices, with little understanding of where their money is going. Stop the madness!  Aquila Clouds offers a revolutionary Cloud Cost Optimization solution designed to be your cloud cost superhero.

Here's why your current cloud spending might be a villain:

  • Bill Shock: Opaque bills filled with cryptic charges leave you clueless about true costs.
  • Hidden Waste: Idle resources and inefficient configurations silently drain your budget.
  • Resource Overload: Overprovisioned instances keep your wallet gasping for air.
  • Reactive Management: Firefighting surprise charges instead of proactive cost control.

Aquila Clouds to the Rescue!

Aquila Clouds offers a revolutionary Cloud Cost Optimization solution designed to slash your cloud spending and put you back in control.

Imagine having the power to:

  • See Clearly: Gain laser-like focus on your cloud spend with detailed breakdowns.
  • Slay Hidden Costs: Identify and eliminate resource vampires like idle instances.
  • Right-size Your Cloud: Tailor your resources for optimal performance without overpaying.
  • Automate Savings: Set smart rules to shut down idle instances and leverage cost-saving options.
  • Predict the Future: Gain accurate forecasts to avoid budget-busting surprises.

Aquila Cloud Cost Optimization is your arsenal against runaway cloud spending:

  • Chargeback: Pinpoint departmental cloud usage for effective cost allocation.
  • Expense Overview: Get a bird’s-eye view of your overall cloud spend.
  • Optimizer Report: See the potential savings our AI-powered hero can unlock.

Deep Dive for Maximum Impact:

Aquila Clouds’ Explorer module lets you zoom in on specific areas for a closer look:


  • Financial Domains: Compare past, present, and future spend across different domains.
  • Instances & Services: Identify right-sizing opportunities and optimize usage trends.
  • Storage & Databases: Gain control over specific resource categories.
  • Specialized Services: Optimize costs for scaling groups, big data, and app services.

Governance Ensures You Stay in Control:

The Governance module keeps your cloud environment secure while optimizing costs:


  • Financial Domains: Set budgets and track spending against allocated limits.
  • Tag Management: Categorize resources for better cost allocation.
  • Security & Compliance: Maintain a secure cloud environment while optimizing costs.

The Optimizer - Your Automated Savings Machine:

Aquila Clouds goes beyond insights and takes action!


  • Instance Optimizer: Identify right-sizing opportunities and schedule automated actions.
  • Resource Optimization: Optimize configurations for storage, networks, and containers.
  • Commitment Management: Maximize savings with reservations and savings plans.
  • Scheduled Actions: Set automatic cost-saving actions for maximum efficiency.

Effortless Administration - Your Cloud Management Made Easy:

Aquila Clouds simplifies cloud cost management:


  • Environments & Logs: Manage your cloud environments and track activity.
  • User Management: Assign roles and permissions for secure access control.
  • Alerting & Settings: Stay informed with customizable cloud cost alerts.

Don't Let Your Cloud Bill Be a Mystery Anymore. Contact Aquila Clouds Today!

Schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you slash your cloud spending and become the master of your cloud destiny!

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