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Hybrid Cloud Management

Juggling On-Prem, Public Cloud Chaos? You're Not Alone.

The cloud revolution promised agility and scalability, but for many businesses, the reality is a complex hybrid environment of on-premises infrastructure and multiple public clouds (think AWS, Azure, GCP). This multi-cloud sprawl brings a unique set of challenges:


  • Fragmented Visibility: Losing sight of resources across different environments makes cost management a nightmare.
  • Bill Shock Surprise: Hidden fees and complex bills from various providers lead to unpleasant financial surprises.
  • Resource Graveyard: Underutilized resources lurk in the shadows, draining your budget with each passing minute.
  • Rightsizing Roulette: Identifying the right size for your cloud instances feels like a guessing game.
  • Governance Gone Wild: Ensuring consistent security and compliance across multiple cloud platforms becomes a herculean task.

Feeling the Pinch? There's a Better Way.

Aquila Clouds offers a powerful Hybrid Cloud Management platform designed to conquer these challenges and unlock the true potential of your multi-cloud environment.

Here's How We Help You Slay the Multi-Cloud Monster:

  • Unified View, Unified Control: Get a single pane of glass for all your resources, regardless of location (on-prem or public cloud).
  • Cost Transparency Triumphs: Unmask hidden fees and gain crystal-clear insights into your cloud spending across every platform.
  • Resource Optimization Revolution: Identify and eliminate wasteful spending on idle or underutilized resources.
  • Rightsizing Made Easy: Stop guessing! Our platform recommends optimal instance sizes for maximum cost savings.
  • Governance Guardian: Enforce consistent security policies and ensure compliance across your entire hybrid cloud.

Features Built for Hybrid Cloud Heroes:

  • Chargeback: Allocate costs fairly and show back expenses to different departments for clear accountability.
  • Expense & Optimizer Overview: Gain a holistic view of your cloud spend and identify areas for immediate optimization.
  • Granular Cost Explorers: Dive deep into specific resources like instances, databases, and containers for precise cost analysis.
  • Forecasting: Predict future costs with confidence and set spending limits for proactive financial control.
  • Governance Features: Implement tagging policies and enforce security best practices to maintain a secure cloud environment.
  • Automated Optimization: Schedule rightsizing actions and leverage reservations to maximize savings on autopilot.

Don't Let Your Hybrid Cloud Hold You Back. Take Charge Today!

Aquila Clouds empowers you to transform your hybrid cloud from a cost burden into a strategic advantage.

Ready to tame the multi-cloud monster and achieve cloud cost freedom?

Contact us for a free consultation and see how we can help you optimize your hybrid cloud environment.

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