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  • Unified Cloud Financial Management Platform Aquila Clouds integrates BillOps and FinOps to unify MSP/Cloud Reseller markups, providing consistent pricing across billing and FinOps optimization insights.
  • BillOps - Cloud Billing Management Platform End-to-end automated cloud billing solution for managing cloud-related expenses.
  • FinOps - Cloud Financial Management Platform Gain actionable insights, eliminate cloud waste, and drive continuous monitoring and continuous optimization (CMCO) with our powerful FinOps platform.
  • Aquila Clouds End to End Multi Cloud Finance, Billing and Security Management Solutions

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Cloud Waste Continues

Lack of cloud cost visibility fuels ongoing waste.

Source: IDC | Ntirety | RightScale

182 Bn

dollars spent on cloud IT infrastructure


of instances are at least one size larger than needed.


of the time, non-production resources are idle


of cloud spend, on average, goes to waste


of businesses express concern about cloud security


of businesses consider optimizing cloud costs a key IT task.

Cloud Financial Management Platform

Aquila Clouds


Gain actionable insights, eliminate cloud waste, and drive continuous monitoring and continuous optimization (CMCO) with our powerful FinOps platform.

Best suited for:
Enterprises - Executives (CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO), Finance Manager, Cloud Operators)


Get a unified view of cloud usage, cost, performance, and utilization metrics in real-time.


AI/ML helps you right-size resources, eliminate waste, scheduling, reservations and scale for cost savings.


Define financial domains for efficient cost allocation, budgeting, and customized security policies.


Share reports from a single source of truth for better IT, Finance, and stakeholder collaboration.

Our Trusted FinOps Clients


A chargeback summary offers transparent insight into cloud costs, breaking down spending by department, project, and resource use. This visibility enables team accountability, cost-saving discovery, and data-driven cloud budget optimization.


Cloud cost optimization summary provides transparent insight into cloud resource utilization, highlighting cost-saving opportunities across instance types, services, or regions. This visibility facilitates informed decision-making, empowering teams to optimize cloud budgets and maximize cloud investments.


Company Expense Summary offers a granular view of cloud cost allocation and utilization. It provides transparent insight into cost allocation across services, resources, and accounts, allowing for the identification of areas for cost reduction.


Aquila simplifies cloud security and compliance. Continuous scanning rapidly detects vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, allowing you to reduce risk, optimize costs, and achieve compliance faster.


Aquila Clouds detects anomalies in billing, utilization, and suspicious activities, providing early alerts to prevent costly damage.


Aquila Clouds employs ML-driven correlation analysis to accurately determine the optimal instance types for rightsizing. It analyzes thousands of potential instance configurations against your current usage patterns, providing precise recommendations to improve cost-efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) FinOps

Transform cloud financial operations for proactive, data-driven decision-making.

Flexible, Informed Procurement

  • AI-powered forecasts anticipate future spending needs.
  • Optimize cloud costs based on real-time insights, not just historical trends.

Scalability & Budget Control

  • Machine learning models predict resource fluctuations to avoid overspending.
  • Proactively manage cloud expenses and ensure budget compliance.

Master Seasonal Demand

  • AI analyzes seasonal patterns for preemptive resource scaling.
  • Optimize spending during peak periods, minimize costs when demand is low.

Innovation with Cost Control

  • Real-time alerts powered by AI detect anomalous spending.
  • Leverage predictive analytics to identify cost-effective, high-performance cloud resources.

Managed Service Providers & Cloud Resellers
Are You Struggling with Complex Cloud Billing?


of invoices can contain errors, potentially leading to delayed payments and customer disputes.


of billable cloud resources often go unbilled, directly impacting revenue.


of MSPs or more struggle with reconciling complex cloud invoices from providers, potentially leading to overpayments.


of accounting time within MSPs can be spent on manual billing adjustments and corrections.

Important Note: These percentages serve to illustrate the magnitude of the problem, and are based on our empirical data.

Automated Billing and Invoicing Platform

Aquila Clouds


BillOps simplifies complex billing for managed service providers and cloud resellers. Automate multi-cloud billing operations for greater efficiency and control over your revenue cycle.

Best suited for:
Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Resellers, Alternative Public Cloud Vendors, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Streamlines Billing

Get a unified view of cloud usage, cost, performance, and utilization metrics in real-time.


It automates the ingestion and processing of consumption and pricing data directly from cloud providers. This translates to bills being generated quickly and efficiently.


The platform features a customizable product catalog where billing operators can set up billing rules for various pricing models (bundled, discounts, markups, etc.).

Supports Multi-Cloud

If you manage client resources across multiple cloud providers, BillOps helps centralize and simplify the billing process.

Our Trusted BillOps Clients

Supercharge your Cloud Businesses

By integrating BillOps with FinOps, Aquila Cloud solves the problem of inconsistent pricing and disjointed workflows for MSPs, Resellers, and other specialized cloud providers.

The Problem MSPs or Cloud Resellers Face

Pricing Disparity

MSPs or Cloud Resellers have to manually adjust prices when they send cloud bills to their clients. This leads to a mismatch between what the client expects to pay and what is reflected in cloud cost optimization dashboards.

Lack of Integration

Cloud billing and optimization tools often work separately, causing inefficiencies for the MSP and confusion for the end client.

Limited Visibility

Without a unified view of cloud costs and client markup, it's difficult for MSPs to accurately analyze their profitability and make informed pricing decisions.

Aquila Clouds Solution

Unified Pricing

By integrating BillOps with FinOps, Aquila Cloud ensures that the MSP's markup is consistently applied across both the final invoice and the optimization insights in the FinOps dashboard.

Streamlined Workflow

MSPs or Cloud Resellers don't need to manually reconcile pricing between their billing and cost optimization tools. This saves time and reduces errors.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Clients see a consistent price (the cost they expect from their cloud provider + markup) everywhere, leading to greater transparency and trust.

BillOps + FinOps

Unlock the Power of Cloud Financial & Billing Management

Optimize costs, streamline billing, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Consistent Pricing for Customer Clarity

FinOps insights and BillOps flexibility create predictable pricing that builds customer trust.

White-Labeling for Your Brand

Seamlessly integrate your branding across all customer-facing financial touchpoints, including billing, invoices, and cost reports.

Deeper Insights, Better Optimization

Combine BillOps data with FinOps insights for informed pricing adjustments, tiered models, and strategic cost optimization that benefits both you and your customers.

Centralized Financial Control

Get a complete view of cloud spend and usage to strategically reduce costs and pass savings to customers.

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Unified Cloud Clost Management Platform

Multi Cloud Supports

Aquila Clouds is a powerful cloud financial management platform built to handle the complexities of multi-cloud environments. It supports a wide range of public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Digital Ocean, as well as private clouds like VMware, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), Oracle Cloud, and even niche or specialized cloud providers.

Multi Cloud Supports

  • Aquila Clouds
Aquila Clouds

Aquila Clouds

We provide unmatched clarity into your cloud operations. Experience the Aquila Clouds difference – contact us for a demo.

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