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Aquila Clouds FinOps

Gain actionable insights, eliminate cloud waste, and drive continuous monitoring and continuous optimization (CMCO) with our powerful FinOps platform.

Financial and IT leaders say poor cloud financial management hurts their business.
Respondents worry about cloud cost management.
Regularly overspend their cloud budget by 25%.

Visibility & Control. Aquila Clouds illuminates the root causes of cloud overspending, giving you the insight you need to take control.

Cost Optimization. Aquila Clouds uses intelligent recommendations and automation to right-size resources, eliminate waste, and maximize cloud savings.

Multi-Cloud Expertise. Manage and optimize costs seamlessly across AWS, Azure, GCP, and other leading cloud platforms.


Cloud spending transparency: Track spending trends across multiple clouds.

Detailed breakdowns: Visualize top spending areas by accounts, AWS services, custom groups, etc.

Granular visibility: Examine costs by resource types, instance types, and region.

Empower your teams: Self-service portals for IT and finance managers.

Container insights: Visually track container costs and performance.

Accountability: Team-level spending for chargeback and showback purposes.

Track project ROI: Project-level spending analysis for calculating returns.

Real-time notifications: Alerts for billing anomalies, variance, and resource utilization issues.

Stay informed: Daily and monthly alerts displayed directly on your dashboard.

Visualized data: Charts and graphs for easy analysis.

Downloadable reports: CSV exports for in-depth analysis.

Maximize savings: Predictive and prescriptive cost optimization suggestions.

Right-size your infrastructure: Optimize containers, instances, and services.

Eliminate waste: Identify and remove idle resources (containers, instances, storage).

Optimize pricing: Recommendations for reserved and spot instances.

Simplify optimization: Policy-based automations to implement recommendations.

Smart scheduling: Automatically shut down/start up instances and optimize Auto-Scaling Groups.


Aquila Clouds provides a comprehensive platform to streamline your cloud financial operations.
Our core capabilities include:

Get a unified view of cloud usage, cost, performance, and utilization metrics in real-time. Enhanced by a robust alerting system that notifies you of anomalies for timely action.

AI/ML-powered recommendations help you right-size resources, eliminate waste, establish schedules, leverage reservations, and dynamically scale for maximum efficiency and cost savings.
Establish clear financial domains for efficient cost allocation, project/departmental budgeting, and customized security policies within your organization
Easily share reports and insights across teams with a single source of truth, fostering collaboration and alignment between IT, Finance, and other stakeholders.

FinOps Explorer

The Aquila Clouds FinOps Explorer provides a comprehensive dashboard of your cloud environment. Understand costs (previous, current, forecasted), optimize resource utilization, and analyze everything from resources and containers to big data and reservations.


Get an instant snapshot of cloud costs and usage patterns for informed decision-making.


Maximize resource efficiency with visibility into instance types, deployment models (Spot, On-demand, Reserved), provider details, and utilization rates. Service Catalog: Analyze costs and headcounts for cloud services, enabling optimization of service consumption.

Financial Domain

Drill into costs of allocated resources, track budgets, and forecast future spending.

Resource Catalog

Monitor resource utilization, regions, and account-level costs, including CPU and memory trends.

New Resources

Track recently deployed resources (within 24 hours or adjust the timeframe as needed).


Manage storage consumption across cloud providers, viewing costs at the individual resource level.


Optimize spending on cloud databases like Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure SQL, etc.

Cloud Front

Control costs for edge location services, including location, spend forecasts, and data transfer metrics.


Analyze container clusters, associated services, and costs for streamlined container management.

App Services

Gain visibility into app server farms and app sites for efficient cost management.


Track reserved instances' savings, utilization rates, and resources covered, ensuring optimal use.

Savings Plans

Monitor hourly commits and usage for Savings Plans, maximizing flexibility and cloud spend optimization.

FinOps Governance

The Aquila Clouds FinOps Governance section gives you the tools to manage your cloud environment effectively. Control spending, optimize resources, and ensure security.


Get a quick snapshot of domain spending, budget consumption, startup/shutdown schedules, and domains approaching or exceeding their budget limits.

Financial Domains

Create custom groupings of cloud resources based on cost centers or teams. Set budgets, track spending (past, current, forecasted), and identify overspending domains.

Tag Management

Add, view, and manage custom tags for resources. Streamline cloud management, sorting, and reporting.

Chargeback Summary

See how cloud costs are attributed to specific financial domains (cost centers), including blended vs. unblended costs.

Service Domain

Group services and resources for streamlined startup/shutdown scheduling, optimizing resource usage.

Container Registry

Manage container images, identify images replicated across regions, and set lifecycle policies for efficiency.


View detailed storage consumption metrics, archive resources, and optimize lifecycle policies.

Security and Compliance

Monitor resource compliance with AWS Config rules and Azure Policies, ensuring a secure cloud environment.

FinOps Optimizer

The Aquila Clouds FinOps Optimizer provides actionable recommendations to optimize cloud services for maximum cost savings.


Get recommendations for rightsizing (upsizing/downsizing), scheduling (startup/shutdown), and terminating idle instances.


Identify unassociated and underutilized volumes, orphaned snapshots, over-provisioned IOPs, and optimize storage volume types.


Remove unused Elastic Load Balancers and IP addresses. Optimize container usage in EKS, ECS, and Kubernetes to save costs.


See recommendations for purchasing reservations on specific instances, with potential yearly savings.

Savings Plans

Identify instances suitable for savings plans and view potential yearly cost reductions.

Service Domain

Get optimization recommendations for service domains, schedule startup/shutdown, and improve efficiency.

Scheduled Actions

Execute optimization recommendations directly from the platform. Track execution status (successful, pending, failed) and manage scheduled actions.


Optimize idle databases and get rightsizing recommendations to improve database efficiency.

App Services

See recommendations to increase app service efficiency and reduce app-related cloud costs.

Snoozed Recommendations

Temporarily pause recommendations and reactivate them when needed.

FinOps Administration

The FinOps Administration section gives you the tools to manage environments, users, integrations, and more. Streamline onboarding, security, and optimization settings.


Add, edit, or delete cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle). Monitor data download status and view billing details for specific environments.

Ingestion Status

Track the progress of bill and performance data ingestion for each environment.

User Management

Add users, assign roles, and customize access to domains and platform functions.

Roles & Privileges

Create custom roles with fine-grained permissions for specific domains, optimizer actions, and administration functions.


Set up third-party authentication for streamlined login and integrate with external ticketing systems for alerts.

Alerts & Messages

View billing and utilization alerts generated when thresholds are exceeded.


Configure alerts thresholds, optimizer actions, security and compliance rules, and platform currency settings (both company-wide and domain-specific).

Cloud Security Scanning

Aquila Clouds' robust security scanning minimizes vulnerabilities and safeguards your cloud environment. Our solution enables you to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your cloud resources. With the platform, we continuously monitor and record configurations, automating the evaluation process against your desired security standards.

Seamless Multi-Cloud Support

Simplify Multi-Cloud Financial Management

Aquila Clouds delivers powerful cloud financial management for complex multi-cloud setups. It seamlessly supports major public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean) and private clouds (VMware, KVM, Oracle Cloud, and more).

FinOps Personas

Supercharge Collaboration with Aquila Clouds

FinOps isn't a solo mission – it requires teamwork across various stakeholders within your organization. Key personas, including FinOps practitioners, Engineering, Finance, Procurement, and Leadership, must work together to optimize cloud costs and maximize value.

Aquila Clouds provides a platform to foster this essential collaboration, empowering your teams to achieve FinOps excellence.

Core Personas

FinOps Practitioners

Make informed optimization decisions with Aquila Clouds' in-depth visibility and actionable recommendations.


Get real-time tracking of cloud investments with our platform to confidently align spending with business goals.


Articulate value propositions and prioritize initiatives with data-driven insights into cloud costs and performance from Aquila Clouds.


Build with cost efficiency in mind utilizing comprehensive resource utilization analysis and spend optimization tools.


Ensure accurate forecasting, budgeting, and chargebacks using reliable usage and cost data provided by Aquila Clouds.


Negotiate the best cloud provider rates empowered by Aquila Clouds' detailed spend analytics.

Allied Personas

IT Service Management

Streamline IT service operations and balance service quality with cost optimization.

IT Asset Management

Track and optimize IT assets impacting cloud usage for maximum efficiency and compliance.


Reduce your cloud environmental footprint with data-driven optimization recommendations.


Gain insights to enhance cloud security budgeting and posture.

IT Financial Management

Align cloud and traditional IT investments with business priorities and ensure maximum value.

Why Aquila Clouds FinOps?


Get real-time insight into cloud spending across all cloud providers.


Automated, actionable recommendations to reduce cloud waste.


Establish cost controls, budgets, and accountability throughout your organization.


Foster a FinOps culture with shared dashboards and reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supported Clouds:

  • Public clouds: AWS, MS Azure, GCP, Oracle
  • Private clouds: VMware

On the roadmap:

  • Public clouds: IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud
  • Private clouds: KVM, RedHat OpenStack

There are many reasons why you should consider Aquila Clouds FinOps over cloud-native cost optimization tools:

  • Cloud-native cost optimization tools typically cover just one cloud. If you operate in a multi-cloud environment and want centralized visibility, consider Aquila Clouds.
  • Cloud-native tools usually only focus on infrastructure monitoring and optimization. Aquila Clouds covers IaaS and PaaS, with SaaS cost management on our future roadmap.
  • Aquila Clouds FinOps specializes in streamlined chargeback and showback of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud costs, eliminating the need for coding or manual Excel work.
  • Aquila Clouds FinOps provides out-of-the-box Kubernetes cost monitoring and optimization.
  • Aquila Clouds FinOps integrates with platforms like ServiceNOW, allowing you to address identified cost inefficiencies with corrective actions that align with your change management processes.

1] AI is a core component of Aquila Clouds FinOps. We use AI/ML for various purposes, including:

  • Detecting anomalies in bills and resource utilization
  • Correlating instance types with performance metrics to provide rightsizing recommendations
  • Forecasting cloud consumption

2] FinOps integrates with a Large Language Model (LLM) provider, enabling a natural language/chat interface for FinOps insights.

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