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Cloud Cost Allocation

Cloud Cost Chaos? Unleash Clarity with Aquila Cloud Cost Allocation!

Is your cloud bill a tangled mess of shared expenses?

Do you struggle to understand who’s using what and how much it costs?  Aquila Clouds offers a revolutionary Cloud Cost Allocation solution designed to bring transparency and accountability to your cloud environment.

Stop the finger-pointing and confusion! Here’s why traditional cloud cost allocation might be causing a headache:

  • Blind Spots: Opaque cost structures leave you guessing about departmental usage.
  • Hidden Inefficiencies: You subsidize departments or projects with high cloud usage.
  • Lack of Accountability: Without clear cost visibility, there’s no incentive to optimize.
  • Wasted Resources: Unallocated costs make it difficult to pinpoint and eliminate waste.

Aquila Cloud Cost Allocation brings order to the chaos!

Imagine the power to:

  • Shine a Light: Allocate cloud costs accurately to departments, projects, or teams.
  • Empower with Knowledge: Foster accountability by giving users insights into their cloud usage.
  • Drive Optimization: Encourage responsible cloud usage and identify areas for cost reduction.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Allocate resources based on actual usage, not guesswork.

Aquila Cloud Cost Allocation is your key to a transparent cloud:

  • Chargeback: Allocate cloud costs to responsible entities for clear visibility.
  • Expense Breakdown: Gain a comprehensive understanding of departmental cloud usage.
  • Tag Management: Easily categorize resources for precise cost allocation.

Deep Dive for Informed Decisions:

Aquila Clouds’ Explorer module empowers granular analysis:


  • Financial Domains: Track departmental spending trends and identify outliers.
  • Instances & Services: Allocate costs to specific resources used by each department.
  • Storage & Databases: Gain insights into departmental storage and database usage.
  • Specialized Services: Allocate costs for scaling groups, big data, and app services.

Governance Ensures Fairness and Security:

The Governance module keeps your cloud environment secure while fostering accountability:


  • Financial Budgets: Set departmental cloud spending limits and track adherence.
  • Tag Management: Ensure accurate cost allocation with proper resource tagging.
  • Security & Compliance: Maintain a secure cloud environment while promoting transparency.

Effortless Administration for Everyone:

Aquila Cloud Cost Allocation is user-friendly and easy to manage:


  • Environments & Logs: Track activity and manage your cloud cost allocation setup.
  • User Management: Assign roles and permissions for secure access control.
  • Alerting & Settings: Stay informed with customizable cost allocation notifications.

Don't Let Cloud Costs Remain a Mystery. Contact Aquila Clouds Today!

Schedule a free consultation and see how we can bring clarity and accountability to your cloud spending!

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