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The Unified Cloud Cost Management Platform for MSPs, Cloud Resellers, and other specialized cloud providers.

Supercharge your Cloud Businesses

The Problem MSPs/Cloud Resellers Face

Pricing Disparity

MSPs/Cloud Resellers have to manually adjust prices when they send cloud bills to their clients. This leads to a mismatch between what the client expects to pay (based on their understanding of their cloud provider costs + markup) and what is reflected in their cloud cost management platform.

Lack of Integration

Cloud billing and optimization tools often work separately, causing inefficiencies for the MSP/Cloud Reseller and confusion for the end client.

Optimization? Forget About It.

True cost visibility is impossible for your clients when invoices and cloud usage data don't align. That means missed opportunities to demonstrate your expertise by helping them optimize their spending.

Aquila Clouds Solution
Unified Platform

Unified Pricing

By integrating BillOps with FinOps, Aquila Cloud ensures that the MSP's/Cloud Resellers markup is consistently applied across both the Cloud billing (BillOps) and the optimization tools (FinOps) dashboards and recommendations. Also, your clients see a consistent price everywhere, leading to greater transparency and trust.

Streamlined Workflow

MSPs/Cloud Service Providers don't need to manually reconcile pricing between their billing and cost optimization tools. This saves time and reduces errors.

Maximize Profitability

One unified platform provides both accurate billing and actionable optimization recommendations, giving you the tools to maximize the value of your cloud investments.

The Struggle is Real

Short example to illustrate the problem?

Client's cloud provider bill: $100
MSP adds 15% markup: $15
Total client invoice: $115
Other FinOps tool shows: $100

Aquila Clouds FinOps shows: $115

Your client's invoice correctly shows $115 (cloud cost + 15% markup). However, the other FinOps tool only reflects the original $100.

This pricing discrepancy could confuse clients and damage trust.

What if

Imagine a Different Reality

What if you could offer full transparency and maintain your margins?

What if clients trusted that invoice because it matched what they saw in their own FinOps tools?

What if you could shift the conversation from awkward justifications to proactive optimization strategies?


Unified Cloud Cost Management

Aquila Cloud solves the problem of inconsistent pricing and disjointed workflows for MSPs.

Our integrated BillOps and FinOps platform ensures your markup is seamlessly applied across both your client billing and cost optimization dashboards.

This unified experience saves you time, reduces errors, and gives your clients the transparency they expect.


1 + 1 > 2

Emphasizes that the value of combining BillOps and FinOps is greater than using the products individually. Here's why:

More than Just Sum of Parts

Integrating two tools creates a whole new level of efficiency and accuracy that wouldn't be possible if they were used in isolation.


The combination provides a more comprehensive solution – addressing both accurate billing and cost optimization – something that's highly valuable for MSPs/Cloud Resellers.

Competitive Advantage

MSPs/Cloud Resellers gain a distinct advantage with a streamlined workflow and improved client experience.

Seamless Integration

Connectwise PSA

Connectwise PSA

Manage Billing with ERP Integration



Secure Access with SSO

PagerDuty/Service Now

PagerDuty/Service Now

Proactive Issue Management

ServiceNow Change Management

ServiceNow Change Management

Control Costs, Manage Change Impact


Hear from them


Need Help?

One main distinction is that Aquila Clouds has our BillOps and FinOps integrated. The unified platform shows one uniform pricing scheme across the end customer bills and the cost optimization dashboards. We leave no room for confusion.
No, Aquila Clouds FinOps and BillOps can operate together or as standalone products. While they integrate at the database level for a single source of truth, you have the flexibility to license only the product you need.
Yes, please contact us at for further information.
Yes, we provide a way for users to define their own SKUs and map them to consumption metrics. Our data ingestion framework is extensible, allowing it to work with any data source (e.g., Generative AI, LLM SaaS products, alternative public clouds, etc.).
We are the only vendor in the market providing an integrated experience specifically designed for MSPs and cloud resellers. This integration allows you to create your own product catalog/pricing for cloud consumption while offering your customers a cloud cost optimization tool.

Ditch the Billing Drama

Embrace True Cloud Partnership with Aquila Clouds

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