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Stop Cloud Bill Shock. Build Innovation, Not Overspend. Aquila Clouds for Tech ISVs.

Fuel your ISV’s growth with optimized cloud costs. Aquila Clouds, the AI-powered platform built for Tech ISVs running demanding applications on the cloud.

The Tech ISV Cloud Challenge:

The cloud empowers Tech ISVs to build and deliver cutting-edge software solutions.  But managing costs for applications like:


  • High-Performance Computing (HPC): Running complex simulations and processing massive datasets requires significant cloud resources.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD): Frequent deployments and testing can lead to sprawl and underutilized resources.
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning (ML): Data-intensive workloads require scalable resources, but optimizing costs can be challenging.

Aquila Clouds understands these challenges. Traditional cloud cost management tools struggle with the dynamic needs of Tech ISVs.

The Aquila Clouds Advantage - Built for Tech ISVs:

Our AI and Machine Learning platform tackles your unique challenges:


  • Unmask Hidden Costs: Gain real-time, granular visibility into your cloud spending. See exactly where every dollar goes, across projects, applications, and resource types.
  • AI Optimizes Resources: Eliminate waste with intelligent recommendations. Our platform identifies overprovisioned resources and suggests cost-saving configurations.
  • Predict Costs with Confidence: Forecasting powered by Machine Learning anticipates future cloud expenses based on your development cycles. No more bill shock, just financial predictability.
  • Automate Cost Control: Set custom budgets and resource limits by project or type. Aquila Clouds enforces your policies automatically, preventing overspending and ensuring financial discipline.

Who Benefits?

Aquila Clouds empowers all stakeholders in the Tech ISV decision-making process:


  • CTOs and Development Teams: Focus on building groundbreaking software without worrying about cloud cost constraints.
  • Cloud Architects: Optimize cloud infrastructure and ensure efficient resource allocation.
  • Business Leaders: Make informed decisions about cloud strategy and drive maximum ROI from your cloud investments.

Stop Wasting on Cloud, Start Building the Future.

Don’t let cloud costs stifle your ISV’s growth. Unleash your full potential with Aquila Clouds.  Schedule a free demo today and see how AI-powered cloud financial management can transform your business.

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