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Aquila Clouds: Healing Your Cloud Finances in the Age of Digital Healthcare

The Challenge: A Cloud Cost Crisis in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is rapidly embracing the public cloud for its scalability, security, and innovative capabilities.  However, this shift brings a new challenge: managing and optimizing cloud costs.  Traditional on-premise models offered predictable expense structures, but the cloud’s dynamic nature can lead to hidden fees, wasted resources, and spiraling costs.

Are you a hospital facing these cloud cost headaches?

  • Unidentified Expenses: Lost in a sea of data, your finance team struggles to identify unused resources or hidden cloud charges.
  • Bill Shock: Surprise invoices hit at month’s end, leaving you scrambling to manage unexpected costs.
  • Time Drain: Manually analyzing and optimizing cloud spend eats away at valuable staff time that could be better spent on patient care.
  • Limited Visibility: Lack of real-time insights hinders proactive cost management and strategic decision-making.

Aquila Clouds: Your Cloud Financial Management Lifeline

Aquila Clouds is your one-stop solution for taming your hospital’s cloud spend.  Our AI and ML-powered platform provides the intelligence and automation you need to take control of your cloud finances.

How We Heal Your Cloud Costs:

  • Automated Cost Optimization: Our AI continuously analyzes usage patterns and identifies opportunities for cost savings.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Gain instant insights into your cloud spend with comprehensive dashboards and reports.
  • Granular Cost Attribution: Pinpoint costs to specific departments, projects, or applications for better accountability.
  • Predictive Forecasting: Plan for the future with accurate forecasts that help you stay within budget.
  • Automated Resource Management: Right-size your cloud resources to avoid overprovisioning and waste.

The Decision Makers: Who We Empower

Aquila Clouds empowers the key decision-makers in your hospital who are wrestling with cloud cost challenges:


  • CFOs: Gain peace of mind with predictable cloud costs and improved financial transparency.
  • CIOs: Focus on innovation and strategic initiatives, not tedious cost management.
  • IT Management Teams: Increase efficiency and improve resource allocation with automated optimization.

IT Management Teams: Increase efficiency and improve resource allocation with automated optimization.

Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help your hospital achieve cloud financial wellness.

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