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Multi Cloud Financial Management Solutions

Multi-Cloud Management Platform: Gain Visibility & Control with Aquila Clouds

Struggling to see the financial forest through the multi-cloud trees?

Juggling separate bills, siloed data, and hidden costs across AWS, Azure, GCP, and other clouds is a recipe for frustration and wasted spend.


Aquila Clouds offers a refreshing solution. Our multi-cloud management platform brings clarity and control to your cloud chaos.

Imagine this:

  • Crystal-Clear Cost Visibility: Consolidated chargeback summaries and expense summaries paint a complete picture of your multi-cloud spending.
  • Actionable Insights: Explorer allows you to delve deep – see historical spend, current usage, and future forecasts for every service, instance, and resource across all your clouds.
  • Effortless Optimization: The Optimizer identifies underutilized resources and recommends rightsizing opportunities to eliminate unnecessary costs. Automate startup/shutdown schedules to banish idle instance fees.
  • Simplified Governance: Set budgets and track spending against them with Governance. Manage tags effectively for precise cost allocation and optimal resource utilization.
  • Centralized Administration: Manage user access, roles, and integrations across all your clouds from a single, unified console.

Here's how Aquila Clouds empowers you across every facet of multi-cloud management:

  • Financial Management: Get a holistic view with Chargeback Summaries, Expense Summaries, and Optimizer Summaries.
  • Granular Visibility: Dive deep with Explorer, our comprehensive view of your cloud environment. See previous spend, current usage, and future forecasts for every service, instance, and resource across all your clouds.
    • Financial Domain Overview: Track domain-specific spending trends, including past costs, current usage, and forecasts.
    • Instances: Gain insights into past and present instance spend, forecasts, and selected timeframe breakdowns.
    • Service Catalog, Resource Catalog, Storages, Databases: Monitor spending across various cloud services, resources, and storage solutions.
    • CloudFront, Containers, Container Registry: Uncover costs associated with content delivery networks, containerized applications, and private container image repositories.
    • Scaling Groups, Big Data Services, App Services, Service Domain: Gain control over spending related to scaling groups, big data deployments, application services, and your overall service landscape.
    • Reservations, Savings Plans: Optimize costs associated with reserved instances and savings plans across different cloud providers.
  • Cost Optimization Powerhouse:  Identify underutilized resources with Optimizer. Rightsize instances to eliminate unnecessary costs.  Automate actions like startup/shutdown schedules to say goodbye to idle instance fees.
  • Rock-Solid Cloud Governance:  Set budgets and track spending with precision. Manage tags effectively for optimal cost allocation and resource utilization.
  • Seamless Administration: Manage environments, logs, ingestion status, user management, roles & privileges, integrations, alerts, and settings – all from one place.

Ready to take charge of your multi-cloud costs and unlock the full potential of your cloud investments?

Explore Aquila Clouds today and discover how we can help you achieve:

  • Cost Optimization: Eliminate waste and maximize the return on your cloud investments.
  • Simplified Governance: Enforce consistent policies and ensure accountability across your multi-cloud environment.
  • Unified Visibility: See all your cloud costs in one place, with the granularity you need to make informed decisions.

Don't wait! Every minute spent juggling bills is money wasted. Get started with Aquila Clouds and experience the power of true multi-cloud management!

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