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MFEC Streamlines Cloud Finances with Aquila Clouds FinOps

MFEC Public Company Limited is a leading cloud services provider in Thailand. They help enterprises manage and optimize their cloud environments across multiple platforms while ensuring efficiency and compliance.

01 Problem

  • Multi-cloud Complexity: MFEC needed to manage cloud costs across AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Compartmentalization: Spending needed to be tracked by organizational units, projects, and workloads.
  • Visibility Gaps: Lack of granular cost and performance insights for decision-makers.
  • Budget Control: Needed proactive forecasting tools to prevent overspending.
  • Manual Processes: Inefficient, time-consuming manual workflows for optimization.

02 Solution

Aquila Clouds’ FinOps platform and its Financial Domains concept empowered MFEC to address these challenges with:

  • Compartmentalization: Cloud expenditures were organized into cost centers aligned with organizational units, projects, and workloads.
  • Access Control: Role-based permissions ensured data visibility and management capabilities were tailored to specific stakeholders.
  • Visibility and Reporting: Tailored cost summaries and details were provided for both executive decision-makers and IT teams.
  • Forecasting and Budget Management: AI-powered tools provided accurate predictions of cost trends and budget consumption.
  • Cost and Performance Optimization: Aquila Clouds identified optimization opportunities to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of cloud resources.

03 Results

MFEC experienced significant gains after implementing the Aquila Clouds FinOps Platform:

  • OPEX Reduction: Achieved up to 20-20% savings in operational expenses due to streamlined processes.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automation reduced manual FinOps efforts by 50-60%, allowing teams to manage 10x more cloud environments.
  • Cloud Cost Savings: Customers achieved typical cloud cost reductions in the range of 25-30%.
  • Decision-Making: Real-time data and forecasting reduced cloud-related decision times by 10-15%.
  • Compliance: Automated budget controls and policy implementation enhanced adherence to company standards, reducing risk by an estimated 20-25%.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Enhanced service delivery, transparency, and cost control led to happier customers.
  • Workflow Standardization: Streamlined processes for cost and performance optimization ensured consistency.
  • Executive Dashboards: Automated generation of easy-to-consume dashboards for customer leadership.
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