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About our BillOps system

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Aquila Clouds specializes in Cloud Billing Operations for CSPs and MSPs. Our BillOps is a SaaS platform for customizable bill compilation and generation across multiple public clouds: AWS, MS Azure and GCP.


Each resource used by end-users can be customized in pricing in multiple dimensions, e.g. tag-based, tier-based, seasonality-based, etc. With Aquila Clouds, CSPs and MSPs can focus on their priorities in providing the best services to their customers, and leave all the billing

details to our billing platform.

Graphical preview: Bill editing for pricing adjustments on Aquila Clouds

Aquila Clouds can...

 Level up CSP billing  operations efficiency

Automate CSP billing operations. Eliminate manual errors and generate accurate finance reports. 

Keep CSP finance team sane

No more monthly spreadsheets and manual errors. Bills for all clouds (AWS, Azure/Azure Stack, GCP) generated under one single roof. Accelerate CSP subscription growth.

Increase customer retention

Self-service customer portal with variable billing cycles and cloud resource usage reports. Information at customers’ fingertip.


CSP margin

Adjustable markups and discounts. Flexibility to tune to market needs. ML-generated recommendations on saving plans.

Highlights of Aquila Clouds BillOps Capabilities

Multi-cloud coverage

AWS, Azure, Azure Stack, GCP

So, are you ready to level up your Billing Operations? 

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