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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

After climbing the stairs to the rooftop with a load of books to make sure I prepared for the exams, I would lay on the cot and read economic theory. The promises made to complete the chapter would soon fade as I dozed off, reading about supply and demand curves. The warm sun during spring weather in northern India has a way to taking your firmest resolves and melt them away into a deep slumber.

I would wake up, drooling lazily over the text books and look up at the blue sky with a few clouds floating around. The mind has a way of wandering and the shape shifting clouds are far more interesting than the law of diminishing returns. The shapes that I would conjure up staring at the clouds; dragons, castles, & lions. How time would fly with wanton abandonment staring into the sky till I would see an eagle soar effortlessly gliding across the sky looking down at the world below. I was always enticed by eagles, they were these majestic creatures that circled above us in the clouds. They have eyesight 5 times as powerful as humans and can spot an ant moving on the ground from a 10 story building.

Many years since my first fascination with eagles and economics, I started Aquila Clouds to deploy, manage, and monitor business services across multiple clouds. Aquila is the latin name for eagle, and like the eagle, it sees what humans can’t see in your environment. Aquila Clouds manages and optimizes your cloud environment from a top down business level view rather than simply an infrastructure perspective. This view correlates your business services to the various constituents on application, instance, and infrastructure levels brings the control back to you.

Aquila Clouds empowers you to make cloud economics work in your favor. You don’t need to understand how many c4.large or m5.xlarge instances are running behind the scenes and make decisions on which EBS volume type to use. It’s insane to have to learn all of this to make a sane business choice around how much money you are spending in cloud to drive your business growth. Imagine a world where you can tell a minion to spend less than your budget allocation for a particular business service, give it constraints to never allow data to leave the US due to compliance, dial in an SLA around reliability, and performance. Let the minions do the work to deliver the insights for optimizing the cloud infrastructure to your business parameters. Once the insights are delivered, tell the minion to go make the changes so you are getting the best value from your cloud dollars. These minions are the AI-based algorithms and auto remediation that is delivered by Aquila Clouds. Aquila Clouds provides insights for your business services, finds the most optimal infrastructure for cost and performance, deliver the SLA for the service and then automates all of these operations to relieve you of the financial and operational costs.

To see exactly how Aquila Clouds can help you with your cloud economics and performance on the business service level, check out our free trial.

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