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Aquila Clouds June Newsletter

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Dear All,

Year 2020 has brought many challenges that no one was prepared for. It has taught us to give importance to our well being more than ever. As the whole world fights Covid-19, most countries are faced with uphill tasks of ensuring that their economies don't slip into a recession, boosting morale of its citizens and combating a plethora of local challenges.

To ensure business continuity and to tide over this challenging time, businesses and institutions have increased their investments and dependence on cloud solutions more than ever. Data scientists are training their models to find solutions for Covid-19 on the cloud, business communications across the globe are carried out over cloud-based conference calls.

Aquila Clouds helps businesses and institutions with cloud deployments to make deployments more cost effective, lean, secure and high performance.

Recent Milestone

Our BillOps platform - An automated billing and invoicing system for cloud resellers, is generating tremendous traction. Recently, a Nasdaq listed company deployed our BillOps platform for their finance operations to automate and accelerate their billing process, thereby bidding an adieu to error-prone manual process.

Company Mission

Our CMCO platform provides five services that offer visibility, recommendation and actions according to your industry, domain, or organization’s department:

  • BillOps: A service that automates and accelerates complex billing operations for Cloud Resellers. With BillOps, your customers will have all regularities and transparency in their monthly bills and your employees won’t fret about the cumbersome task of managing spreadsheets.

  • FinOps: A service that transforms cloud finance data into insights for optimizing operational costs. With FinOps, you will have complete transparency for your cloud financial health, chargeback to other departments, and governance of budgets.

  • InfraOps: A service that improves the productivity of your infrastructure team. With InfraOps, you can automate the daily management of infrastructure, including provisioning, resource and capacity management, and security and compliance management.

  • ServiceOps: A service that enables you to manage all components of your cloud services from a single window. With ServiceOps, you will have a one stop-solution for infrastructure, application, and service performance management!

  • Cloud Advisory: A service that enables you to identify and migrate to the most cost-effective cloud setup based on the current setup of your organization. With Cloud Advisory, you can be assured of using the most cost effective solution whether you are migrating from on-prem to cloud or from one cloud setup to another.

Reach out to us at sales@aquilaclouds.com if you’re interested in any of these CMCO services. We are also seeking development partners to enhance our services. Reach out directly to desmond@aquilaclouds.com if you are interested.

Social Media

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visit us at www.aquilaclouds.com, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


We are looking for like-minded and focused people to help us continue to deliver better solutions. For more details, please visit  Aquila Clouds Careers.

If you have a partnership query or are interested in more details about Aquila Clouds, please feel free to contact us at sales@aquilaclouds.com, visit us at www.aquilaclouds.com, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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