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Aquila is Latin for eagle. Eagles have eyesight 5 times as powerful as humans and can spot an ant moving on the ground from a 10 story building. Aquila Clouds strives to provide our customers the level of visibility and governance over their cloud environments with an eagle eye. We offer a SaaS platform that manages, monitors and improves your cloud applications across multi-clouds, providing comprehensive visibility, governance and optimization of cloud spend, application and business service performance, and automated cloud operations.


Our team is passionate about automating cloud operations using modern technologies such as machine learning. We aim to make cloud deployment, management and optimization fully automated that your company can focus on your business objectives. We are a team of software experts in cloud operations, storage, capacity & performance management, coming from companies such as Microsoft, VMWare, Oracle, with highly successful track record in creating system-level products and platforms.



Cofounder and Chief Product Officer

Desmond Chan is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Aquila Clouds. Desmond is a true believer of IT enablement through simplification, which is a guiding principle at Aquila. He has held product and marketing leadership positions at companies in the space of cloud, DevOps and AI, e.g., H2O.ai, Veritas, VMware and Software AG. 


Desmond received an MBA degree from UC Berkeley, and an MS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.



Head of Engineering

Sharath Bantwal heads Engineering at Aquila. An innovative leader with a focus on delivering products that create huge value to customers. He is passionate about practical application of automation and Machine Learning to drive value and efficiency. He has over two decades of experience delivering technology innovation in cloud & application automation, performance and lifecycle management to fortune 500 enterprise customers. Sharath worked at BMC software and few other startups in Silicon Valley and in India prior to joining Aquila.

Sharath is an Alumni of NITK Surathkal. He loves Badminton and is passionate about Hiking in the Himalayan Ranges.


EVP – Global Sales & Operation

Sandeep Bhalla is responsible for global sales at Aquila Clouds. Sandeep’s leadership at Pacific Bell Internet, SBC, AT&T, CenturyTel and CenturyLink grew the video/IPTV business for the companies in his couple decade long tenure. Sandeep has diverse experience driving multimillion dollar sales and business growth in Telecom, Retail, Commercial Real Estate and HealthCare verticals.

Sandeep is a UC Berkeley graduate.


Chief Customer Officer

Vivek Bhide is responsible for global customer success at Aquila. He is an accomplished leader in Cloud and Application platforms, focusing on customer enablement. He has a lot of domain expertise in Finance, Pharma, Infrastructure, & Semiconductor markets. Vivek worked at Adobe Systems, BMC software, NVIDIA before joining Aquila. He has lead teams to create huge business success by enhancing customer experience with products.


Vivek has Bachelors in Engineering from College of Engineering Pune.


VP, Sales & Operation (India & Pacific)

Puneet Kaura is responsible for India and Pacific sales at Aquila. Puneet has been running his own business of IT and IT enabled services for last 25+ years. Puneet has diverse experience in marketing and service industry. He has experience in working for customers of various sectors Defense, State and Central Govt. Establishments, International Schools & Colleges.



Pete is the COO of Aquila. He has held executive positions in both public companies and startups like CohoData, Occum, WrightSpeed, Xirrus. Pete has driven global operations at multi-billion scale. Pete has lot of domain expertise in tele-communication, networking, & cloud storage domains. He is a leader who has driven support, business excellence, & compliance for startups as well as public companies.

Pete has a Bachelors from Gujarat University



Founding Advisor

Alok is an execution focused Cloud leader with global experience in creating API-centric scalable SaaS platforms. As leader of NTT”s Cloud business, Alok developed and championed NTT’s Hybrid/Multi Cloud Management and SecDevOps platforms. As Product and Strategy leader for Oracle Cloud Platform, Alok commercialized IaaS and PaaS platforms in collaboration with GSIs and rolled out Oracle’s Cloud MSP programs. Alok also advised a number of companies developing Multi-Cloud platforms including Automic (acquired by CA/Broadcom), Platform.sh and SoftBank KK.


Technical Advisor

Prasad is an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia with a demonstrated history of foundational work in ‘application use-inspired computer systems networking and security’. He is a strong higher education professional with pioneering and leadership skills in the areas of: cloud computing, network measurement data science, cyber security operations, smart city applications, user quality of experience, and big data cyberinfrastructure. His basic research and software on network measurement and monitoring has been commercialized as ‘Narada Metrics’ through federal and private investor funding. His designs and open-source software have been incorporated in product development at Internet2, Huawei, Verizon, Apparent Networks; and within advanced testbeds at US Department of Energy national labs, GENI/US Ignite sites, and Google Fiber. 

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